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Hore-Lacy, Ian

Mr Ian Hore-Lacy

Ian Hore-Lacy


B Sc (hons), UNE - 1963 - temperate rainforest ecology (Nothofagus)

M Sc, Melb. Uni. – 1970 - heathland ecology


Since 1995 Ian has been occupied monitoring what is going on with nuclear energy worldwide and writing it up for lay readership. The result is 160 papers on the web (more than 1.5 million words) which are kept up to date, plus news publications and some others updated less frequently. In addition he writes articles for industry journals. This interest emerged from co-authoring a book with a knowledgeable Christian on nuclear energy in 1978. The 11th edition of that was published in 2018 by the World Nuclear University as Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century.

To the end of 2003 he had 20 years in the mining industry with Rio Tinto, starting as Environmental Scientist, then being involved in a range of head-office functions at middle management level. Before that he was three years as Senior Biology Master at Geelong College.

In between Honours year and Masters, he was an intervarsity staffworker for three years and ran Landrover-based youth camps for three years. During an Honours year he was First (honorary) manager, Armidale Christian Book Centre, NSW, responsible for shop, stock and staffing.


His science-faith interest goes back to when he became a Christian as first year undergraduate in 1960, and has always focused on the congruence of science and faith and the need for students especially to understand that and be confident of it. What he would now call epistemological coherence! He has been an ISCAST Fellow since about 1991.

Beyond that he is interested in Christian approach to energy and resource stewardship, and sustainable development in relation to this. Also land use issues and the application of science and technology in stewardship of God's creation, resulting in a book on this in 2006, the second edition of which was published in 2015 as kindle version: Responsible Dominion, a Christian approach to sustainable development.


Fellow of ISCAST, Fellow of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (FAusIMM)


Energy and resources

Recent publications

Responsible Dominion - a Christian approach to sustainable development, 2006, Regent College Publishing, Vancouver, 170 pp, ISBN 1-57383-342-8 and second edition on kindle 2015.

Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century, World Nuclear University, 2012, 133 pp, ISBN 978-0-9550784-5-3. Effectively the 10th edition of  Nuclear Electricity.

Living in a Food Web, Nelson 1975, 1978, 1985 (92 pp) (3 editions, school textbook)

Mining and the Environment, Aust Mining Industry Council 1975, 1978, 1986, 1992 (68 pp), (4 editions)

Broken Hill to Mount Isa, the Mining Odyssey of W H Corbould, Hyland House 1981 (238 pp)

Nature Conservation and Land Use (with Geoff Parr-Smith), 1995, Aust Mining Industry Council. (80 pp)