Neil Ormerod interviewed on the Scientific Worldview, Providence, and the Crises of our Time

ISCAST Fellow Neil Ormerod has recently been interviewed by ISCAST Research Director Doru Costache, in a series of interviews initiated by Doru for AIOCS, The Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies. In the first part of this conversation, Neil and Doru discuss theological method, philosophy, and the scientific worldview. In part two, they explore providence, freedom, responsibility, and the crises of our time.

ISCAST Fellow James Garth wins ARPA Award with article on Science, Faith and the Hubble

ISCAST Fellow James Garth has been awarded a 2021 Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) Award in the Bronze Category for "Best Faith Reflection", with his article "Science and Faith – Defusing the Conflict" published in The Gippsland Anglican.

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From the 2021 ARPA Awards booklet:

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Wisdom as Interdisciplinary Space for Science and Theology

Peter R. Stork, MS, MA (theol.), PhD, is an independent researcher, a former Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University, and a Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Christianity and Science & Technology (ISCAST). His interests are big-picture concerns like the crisis of human rights, theology and science, and René Girard’s cultural anthropology. He is the author of Human Rights in Crisis: A Cultural Critique (2006); Cosmos and Revelation: Reimagining God’s Creation in the Age of Science (forthcoming 2021) and several book chapters and articles.

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In early 2022, ISCAST will publish the inspiring autobiography of Tony Rinaudo, "the forest maker". Tony’s life story is a testimony of God’s grace and guidance, and a moving recount of discovering great hope for climate change.

ISCAST Fellow Mike Clarke on "Why preserve anything?"

ISCAST fellow Mike Clarke recently featured on an episode of City Bible Forum's Big Questions show. The big question was: Why preserve anything? And, in particular, why should we be concerned with the impact of fire on fauna? Mike is a biologist and bushfire expert. The discussion considered the impact of the bushfires and why we should be concerned about preserving anything at all. The conversation revealed that the standard answers to this big question are surprisingly difficult.