Book Review: Thoughtful Theism

A work of calmness and clarity, Thoughtful Theism speaks directly to our age’s uneasy relationship to religion. It lives up to its title by modelling an honesty, candour and rigorous commitment to rationality rarely seen in the public square. Fr Andrew Younan displays an impressive ability to make a calm, positive case for theism.

Investigating a Fruitful Universe : Jennifer Wiseman's ISCAST–CASE Lecture

Jennifer Wiseman, astronomer, public speaker and visitor to Australia in March gave the following ISCAST-CASE lecture at New College, UNSW. CASE is the New College Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship & Education, In this lecture Jennifer reflects on the wonders of the universe uncovered by the Hubble Space Telescope and then follows up with how that universe is consistent with Christian theology. Thanks to our friends at CASE for producing this video of the lecture.



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