Theology in the age of scientific reasoning

Front CoverReview of Nancey Murphy's book 'Theology in the age of scientific reasoning (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)'
Murray Hogg, June 2011



Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies

Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies?Review of Nancey Murphy's book 'Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies'
John Pilbrow, June 2011



Calvin, scripture, and the natural order

Murray Hogg
October, 2011

Who Am I?

1242968Who Am I?
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


The Passionate Intellect

The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the MindReview of Alister McGrath's book 'The passionate intellect: Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind'
James Garth, August 2011


Science and Faith

764853Science and Faith
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


Towards a post-modern apologetic


Towards a post-modern apologetic
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


Putting Faith to the Test

1189123Putting Faith to the Test
James Garth, July 2011


Darwin and Evolution - Book Review

Review of Darwin and Evolution - Interfaith Perspectives: Interface 12/1&2
Charles Sherlock, May 2011




Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies

953432Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies
Jonathan Clarke, May 2011




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