Cosmology and Creation: how do they relate to one another?

Professor Alister McGrath's lecture titled Cosmology and Creation: how do they relate to one another?

Lecture transcript and materials.



NASA's next great space telescope: the quest begins

The hunt is on! NASA has begun a quest to select its next big instrument to sudy the cosmos.




Parkinson's disease and faith

Parkinson's disease and faith. A talk given by Revd Prof Alasdair Coles



Were you there?

Simon Smart interviews Tom McLeish on how science tips him towards faith, and living with open questions.




Zika Virus: an emerging health threat

For decades, the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus was mainly seen in equatorial regions of Africa and Asia, where it caused a mild, flu-like illness and rash in some people. About 10 years ago, the picture began to expand with the appearance of Zika outbreaks in the Pacific islands.

Why science needs metaphysics

Technology cannot keep pace with theoretical predictions about subatomic reality coming from physics. The same applies to our ability to observe the far reaches of the universe.



We asked 12 scientists how their faith affects their work

Twelve scientists reflect on how faith influences their work.




Nature's witness: how science inspires faith

Nature's witness: how science inspires faith

A TEDxEdina talk by Daniel Harrell


Modern science's Christian sources

Modern science's Christian sources: exploding the persistant myth that Christianity impeded the growth of science / by James Hannam


The Cathedral of Computation

We're not living in an algorithmic culture so much as a computational theocracy.






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