Faith, wisdom and gravitational waves

Faith, Wisdom and Gravitational Waves / Tom McLeish
Prof. Tom McLeish talks Gravitational Waves.



Strange bedfellows

Strange bedfellows: an article originally published in The Church Times, 19th February 2016 / Gillian Straine
‘Sundays are your busy day, eh vicar?’ I cannot imagine that anyone in full time ministry would have not heard this one before. It may be funny (at least the first time) but it reflects a very common idea in our society today: religion happens on a Sunday, and the rest of life, including business, commerce and science, happens elsewhere and at another time.

Human trials for Australian-made bionic spine to start next year

Patients left paralysed by injury or illness could be back on their feet again, thanks to a breakthrough by Melbourne researchers who have designed a revolutionary bionic spine.



Denis Alexander defending the compatibility of Christianity and science

Is there a conflict between science and religion?





A global lab: religion among scientists in international context

A Global Lab: Religion among Scientists in International Context, a conference report.
BioScience Research Collaborative. Religion and Public Life Program


Gravitational waves: 6 cosmic questions they can tackle

The discovery of ripples in space-time has vindicated Einstein - but it can also do so much more.



Faith Survey Report - February 2016

The quantitative analysis of ISCAST Fellow James Garth's Perceptions of Faith survey is complete. Findings show a statistical significance between the survey responses and affiliation. Other trends regarding the gender and age of responders have been identified.
The qualitative analysis is underway. This is working towards being complete by the end of March 2016.

Legends of rock: CSIRO geologists making a name for themselves

When most people think of Australian rock stars, they probably picture Johnny Farnham, Tim Rogers or Sarah Blasko – famous musicians that capture the hearts and minds of our nation. But if we say our favourite rock stars are Drs E Ralph Segnit, Dave Wadsley, Ernie Nickel and Ian Grey, we’re more likely to get a few blank stares.

Should the polluter pay?

Should the Polluter Pay? Historical Responsibility, Reparative Justice and Climate Change

One of the sticking points in negotiations between developed and developing countries about the contributions they should make to alleviate the effects of climate change is whether developed countries should bear the greater share of the burden because of their historical responsibility for causing the problem.

Cosmology and Creation: how do they relate to one another?

Professor Alister McGrath's lecture titled Cosmology and Creation: how do they relate to one another?

Lecture transcript and materials.





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