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Donations in support of our Executive Officer (now Executive Director), Chris Mulherin are rolling in. We thank each of you who have donated already for your support.

If each member of ISCAST was to donate $300 we would cover our target easily (although we are happy to receive more if you are able).

This year Chris is working at
•    Including COSAC into the World Science Festival in Brisbane next March
•    Planning on visiting New Zealand, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane
•    Conducting a thorough review of our communications – our web presence, our social media activity, our online journal, creating events where scientists can share their science with the community and so on.

If you wish to support Chris, we can accept monthly and one-off payments via direct bank transfer, cheque, PayPal or credit card.

Please download a donation form below, click the PayPal button or contact the office to arrange your donation.

Chris has a full program and your support will make this possible.

With thanks,
Richard Gijsbers

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Download EO Donation Form

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