FAQs about climate change

FAQs about climate change
Chris Mulherin, March 2014


Rev. Chris Mulherin

The Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin is an Ordained Anglican Minister who recently completed his doctorate in science and religion. He has been appointed as the first ISCAST Executive Director.



I grew up fascinated with Hans Christian Andersen’s story about an emperor in denial who was duped into wearing no clothes—although I admit it was his nakedness rather than his psychological disabilities that captured my interest. I’m afraid that when it comes to climate change, our new prime minister is dressed in little more than his infamous Speedos.

It is time to name climate change denial as the disorder it is and to deal with the indisputable facts of the matter. According to almost all scientists working in the field, human beings are causing significant planetary warming and the consequences will be dire if the global community does not take more urgent action to reduce emissions.

But according to PM, Tony Abbott, the carbon tax is a ‘toxic tax’ and a ‘wrecking ball through the economy’, while an emissions trading scheme is a ‘so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no one’. Siding with the climate change doubters, the coalition’s alternative way forward is its minimalist Direct Action plan, which according to many experts cannot hope to achieve even its very modest goal.



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