Pope, Mick

Dr Mick Pope

Dr Mick Pope 


Dr Mick Pope has degrees in mathematics, physics, meteorology and theology, including a PhD from Monash University in Tropical Meteorology.
He is currently enrolled in a Masters in Theology.


Mick’s research interests include climate change, tropical meteorology, a theology of evolution and purpose, and ecotheology/ecomissiology.

Science/Faith interests

Mick is a regular contributor to Zadok Perspectives (where he is also reviews editor) and The Melbourne Anglican, as well as a number of other publications from time to
time on issues of science and faith.
Mick is the coordinator of Ethos Environment, an environment/creation care think tank of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society, and maintains a blog
He is also on the climate change advisory group for TEAR and the working group examining establishing A Rocha in Australia.