Nutting, Geoffrey

Dr Geoffrey Nutting

Geoffrey Nutting


Doctor of Ministry Studies (MCD, Melbourne) 2011
MA (musicology, Durham) 1961, DipTheol (Oxford) 1960
1983 graduate in the school of life, specialising in `bipolar-depression'.*
Certificates of two years clinical training (CPE)in psychiatric chaplaincy (1988 and 1990), one advanced unit (2001)
*A personal history (begun in 1970) as `Consumer of psychiatric services', abruptly concluded by healing of spirit in Christ.


Geoff is a mental health researcher and educator, and an Honorary Research Associate of MCD University of Divinity.
From 1989-92 he was staff Chaplain of one of the old `stand alone' psychiatric hospitals; and, from 2002-06, Volunteer Chaplain to a modern a cute psychiatric inpatient unit. In between, he participated, presented and published extensively in community-based psychiatric care under church auspices.
In an early academic career in musicology Geoff had lectured for five years in Nigeria, then for ten at Monash University.

Science/Faith interests

  • Sciences (including theological sciences) of what it is to be human. Mind (and heart) over matter: the placebo effect as evidencing the inadequacy of an exclusively biochemical perspective
  • The social construction of our sense of reality versus drives and vocation to embody such divine attributes as justice, truth, beauty, and loving-kindness
  • Mystical experiences and their potential outcomes, with particular reference to the fourteenth century female mystic Julian of Norwich
  • Secular notions of `normality' and of `therapy', versus understandings that we are creatures in the Divine Image, conditioned (individually and communally) by pervasive sinfulness
  • `Putting oneself in others' shoes': neuro-atypicality and Asperger syndrome
  • In psychological assessment: the influence of the observer on what is observed; and, in would-be `therapeutic relationships', the effects of temperamental compatibility – or the lack of it
  • Communal prayer, spiritual direction, and solitude – as breathing spaces for grace and transformation along our spiritual journey.

Topics I can present on

Combinations of two or more of the above, plus the topic of my doctoral thesis: the Enneagram model in spiritual psychology as a key to how, as individuals and as communities, we may grow in open-ness to God and to each other.
I am accredited as a teacher with the International Enneagram Association.