Technoscientific salvation? Transhumanism and the genetic revolution.

An interview with Denis Alexander

In September, ISCAST Executive Director Chris Mulherin interviewed well-known UK scientist Denis Alexander. Alexander holds a PhD in neurochemistry and conducted research in human genetics, molecular immunology, and cancer for forty years. In 2006 he founded the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at Cambridge, where was director until 2012.

ISCAST hits the radio waves

Melbourne's 89.9 LightFM will feature ISCAST speakers at 9pm this Sunday August 12 and next Sunday, the 19th. First up will be an interview for City Bible Forum's Bigger Questions" program with ISCAST Executive Director, Chris Mulherin. The topic is 'Can we live by science alone? A word for Richard Dawkins'.

The following Sunday, the 19th, will be an episode Rob recorded at the ISCAST conference (COSAC) in March. It's called 'Do the heavens declare the glory of God?'.

MIT’s Professor Paula Hammond shares her story with ISCAST

Professor Paula Hammond is head of the top-ranked chemical engineering department in the world, located at the top university in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So it’s no surprise that she was the invited speaker for Melbourne University’s Graeme Clark Oration on July 4th. And what a privilege it was for some ISCASTians to be able to meet over afternoon tea with Paula as she shared her faith and her science.