Jun 24

An informal talk by Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin, Executive Director of ISCAST on the topic Balls, strikes and truth in a postmodern world.

Jun 29

The conversation about euthanasia and end-of-life care is fraught with medical, moral, and, for Christians, theological complexity. (For example, what is the difference between killing and letting die?) Currently, the current Victorian Government discussions of the issue are paving the way for significant changes. This event run by the University of Divinity's Centre for Religion and Social Policy features Peter Singer (world famous utilitarian philosopher) and Margaret Somerville (from Notre Dame and McGill Universities).

Date: Thursday 29 June

Jul 29

ISCAST Vic: Fire in the Belly

Speakers: Philippa Lohmeyer (Anglican Chaplain) and Michael Clarke (Head, Life Sciences, La Trobe Uni.)


  • Challenging very young people’s thoughts on ‘Science and Religion’
  • The role of a scientist who is a Christian in a post-truth world.

Date: Saturday 29 July, 6.30pm

Aug 15

Public lecture organised by ISCAST and the History and Philosophy of Science department as part of the Science Festival run by Melbourne University. It will be held in Theatre G20 of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Building.

Aug 15

The ISCAST Vic Alan Day Memorial Lecture at Ridley College. 

It is sometimes thought that modern science developed largely independently of, or even in opposition to, religion.  Historians of science, however, have proposed various ways in which religion might have played a significant role in the emergence of modern science.  This lecture will evaluate some of the standard arguments for the religious origins of science, and put forward some new ideas about the influence of religion on the development and persistence of science.

Sep 15

An international tour hosted by Mission Travel Group and Russell Downie. 

Dates: Friday 15 September 2017 - Monday 9 October 2017.

Destinations: Milan, Florence, Padua, Venice, Geneva, Paris, London, Kent, Cambridge.

Theme: History of the Scientific Revolution Read more.

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Mar 23

Save the Date!

We are planning to hold the next COSAC (Conference on Science and Christianity) to coincide with the World Science Festival in Brisbane in March 2018.

Many details are coming together, please add Friday 23 March - Sunday 25 March into your diaries and watch this space.