How to Read the Bible in the 21st Century

How to Read the Bible in the 21st Century
Presented by Frank O’Dea at the ISCAST Vic Intensive 2010


Frank O’Dea is a priest of the Order of Blessed Sacrament Fathers and Brothers. I’ve had some years of ministry at our city shrine churches of St Francis in Melbourne and St Peter Julian’s in Sydney which attract hundreds of worshippers every day. 


My presentation will give something of the history of how the Bible has been understood over the centuries. It will show how the rise of science and the Enlightenment Era caused people to think the only kind of truth is what can be proved by science and reason. This attitude has led to a lot of abuse of this precious book. The presentation will say that we need to recover the truth that is also found in stories such as parables, poetry and metaphor which make the Bible such a rich heritage. We must understand the literary form used by each author. I give some examples from both the Old and the New Testaments. There is also a focus on the need for prayer in understanding the Sacred Scriptures - we must not be content with just a surface understanding of the Word of God; we must dig deeply into the mystery with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

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Link to article in Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology.




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